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By Tradespeople for Tradespeople

Drifti is built in collaboration with you, the tradespeople. We build an experience that is optimised for your needs.


A Complete Partner

In Norwegian, Drifti means to be diligent and thorough. We promise that you will become Drifti.

A Tool To Be Used

Drifti is for everyone from the project manager to the tradesperson and everyone in between

For Tradespeople

User-friendly system on PC, mobile, or tablet
Cloud-based and always up-to-date
Full overview of assignments, customers, hours, and resource use.
A customer portal to communicate with your customers through Drifti
Smart automations and ready-made calculation templates for efficiency
Integration with suppliers and wholesalers

For Accountants

Full control of hours, salary, invoice, and bank integration
Always up-to-date with real-time information
Integration with all Norwegian banks
Automatic updates of payments via Nets

For Project Managers

Full overview of all projects
Oversight on employee availability  
Always up-to-date, real-time information

Everything You Need For 1 Monthly Fee

We keep it simple. Pay one price for all the functions and features.



From 1390 NOK/month

For companies with 1-10 employees.

Playfully easy to use

Talk to your customers through Drifti

Made with craftspeople for craftspeople

Works on mobile, tablet, and PC

All your data stored and backed up in the cloud

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Drifti Accounting

From 990 NOK/month

For companies with 1-5 employees.

Integration with Drifti

Direct payment via the accounting system

No KID-numbers and other hassles

Remember Altinn and other deadlines

Managage employee payroll

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Switching Made Easy

Our Support Team will help you transition from your old system to Drifti.

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The right tool is half the job. With Drifti, I have more time for the actual job and my revenue has increased.

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Tina Hansen
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Can I use Drifti on my phone?

Use it on your Android phone, iPhone, computer, or tablet. Drifti is a cloud based web app that works on all devices.

How many users can I have per subscription?

The price of your subscription will depend on the number of employees that have access to your company Drifti account. You will not be charged for having support users such as accountants.

Can I import my customers to Drifti?

Yes, you can easily import existing customer lists using a CSV or an Excel file. Contact our customer service team if you need help.

Can I transfer legacy data from my current system to Drifti?

No. For example, worklogs from your old system cannot be transferred to Drifti. But, most admin systems will let you have read-only access to see your previous worklogs.

Is Drifti Accounting Part of Drifti?

Drifti Accounting is a separate accounting system that integrates with Drifti. They share information so they are always up-to-date. As a customer of Drifti, you can choose to use both or only one of our services.

Does Drifti integerate with other accounting systems?

No, but you can easily export your data to your preferred accounting system.

Can I use Dirfti without Wi-Fi or mobile data?

Internet or mobile data is required for use because Drifti is cloudbased.

Which wholesalers and suppliers can I shop from through Drifti?

You can order directly from Ahlsell, Heidenreich and Brødrene Dahl. Drifti also integrates with numerous other wholesalers and suppliers so you can choose to automatically register costs from the supplier’s invoices.

How do I log in with a one-time code?

You log in with your username or phone number. You can do this from our site in the upper right corner.